Caveman Bill film still

CABIN/ET’s fourth art installation, Caveman Bill by Tom Wolseley.

In a collaboration with Yukon resident Caveman Bill, Tom Wolseley has produced a slow 360° panning shot of the inside of Bill’s cave, which he has lived in for the past 15 years. As the camera pans around the cave Bill narrates the stories of all the objects we see, from a cool-box he found floating down the Yukon river, to a stove he inherited from 2by4 Bob. The stories and objects both confirm and deny romantic fictions and everyday realities of Bill’s life in the far north.

The video installation will combine the cave, the oldest form of ‘home’ with the recycled shipping container, arguably one of the newest, to form a space that explores our desire for identification and the strategies we use to create a sense of place in the modern world.


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