Architrope Participants

Ben Cove, artist

KnowelesEddieKnoweles, artist

Camilla Lyon, artist

Clare Stent, artist

Tom Wolseley, artist

Dr Mark Jackson, social geographer

Martine Drozdz, social geographer

Clare Maloney, Art producer

Dr Kristen Eglinton, Ethnographer

Architrope: thought/matter

Architrope is the name used by the artist Tom Wolseley to represent his practice since 2009. It is based in Cabin/et - a project space situated in Fairchild's Garden in Hackney. 

Architrope was formed to create and explore  transitional spaces and the relationship to more organised structures of identity and understanding.

Primarily Architrope uses the term 'Transitional Spaces' to refer to spaces between physical and psychological readings of oursleves and our environments.

The  phrase was first coined by the psychoanalyst Winnicott to refer to the space 'between psyche and external reality' (ie between child and mother, analysand/analyst).  

The term is used in a variety of other fields to represent other spaces between states more defined or identified, which the project is also keen to explore:


  Cabin/et I Horizon I Signs and Borders I Transit Transisiton Transformation I Caveman Bill I Atlas I Urban Arcadia Sentient City