Ourselves and Our City

A programme of exhibitions, workshops and public engagement activities will explore the relationship between ourselves and the city. Continuing Architrope's investigation into transitional spaces, Sentient City will also elicit the perspectives of a wider public and incorporate the physical context of Fairchild's Garden – a much loved yet neglected urban park on Hackney Road.

Sentient City began on 11 October, 2013, with a series of workshops held at the New Hanbury Project, a Hackney-based organisation which helps people build up their self-confidence, learn useful skills and gain employment opportunities. Social ethnographer Kristin Eglinton and urban geographer Martine Drozdz, will bring their disciplines and areas of expertise to facilitate sessions to enable participants to create their own audio postcard and share their insights, intimate knowledge, thoughts and memories of London. Work created by participants will be exhibited in Cabin/et in Spring 2013.

Sentient City is intended as a catalyst for regenerating Fairchild's Garden and to instigate creative ways of engaging local communities of interest and consulting them on its future development.
Architrope is also participating in the Art et Geo Conference in Lyon in February 2013. The conference will bring together artists and geographers to investigate hybrid approaches between geography and art.


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CABIN/ET Postcard 03, PARADISE, 2013